The Day After Opening

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Okay, I know, I haven’t updated in a long time. But let’s start that commitment back up!

So last night we opened our latest, the World Premiere of “No Snowflake in an Avalanche” written & directed by Nathaniel Porter!

The show went well, and we’re looking at a very full house tonight. Hope you can make it! The show is something we’re really proud of!

Speaking of, we’ve also cast our next show, “The Woodsman,” by Steven Fechter, directed by Danielle Franich! Guess who is in it? Our very own Production Manager, Jenna Schmidt! Can’t wait.

Anyway, til next time!


the rimshots of dots, the brushes of dashes

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Well, It’s been too long, blog, since we’ve updated. Here are we, gearing up for “Five Gold Rings!”

It’s happened, I’ve already noticed it happening, I’m beginning to think and talk in the language of the play! That always happens, but with Joanna Laurens, its a little bit more noticeable….for example:

Simon, Daniel.
I worked in the telegraph office at your age.
The rimshots of dots,
the brushes of dashes,
the pulsings and beatings
of shared private feelings
passing stopstart.

I’ve mostly managed to keep it to my thoughts, and not actual speech…but here and there the phrases jump out.

So! First week of rehearsal is finished and we’ve worked through the awkwardness of the first few days, and we’re making progress through blocking and character work.

Our cast is incredible. David Carlson, Solomon Davis, Adrienne Littleton, Kelli Mohrbacher, and Jesse Parce!

Just a little update, hopefully now I will get in here more often to give you updates on the rehearsal process!

For now, goodbye,

Show Photos

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Just a taste!

Click on the pictures for a larger view. OR for an even larger view, Come to the show this weekend!!

We got a very nice email from an audience member from the last weekend, encouraging us on to do more work! That’s the type of thing we really like to hear…because we don’t do the shows for us, we do the shows for the audience.


Opening Night Was Awesome!

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Everything went without a hitch! Except for the parking in Belltown, we had to delay the show a little bit for some folks to get there, but other than that! Everyone really enjoyed the show. We had family, friends, strangers, theatre-folk and non-theatre-folk. And everyone seemed to really enjoy it. The laughs hit when they were supposed to hit, the deeper moments felt deeply deep….It was great. Congratulations to the actors & designers and everyone who made this show possible!!

It feels very good to have ECS back. Thank you all for supporting. And please come out and see Fiction!


ECS or Stephen Colbert?

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Who is giving The Mountain Goats a bigger bump? John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats was on the Colbert Report the other day, which is awesome. I’m glad that Stephen is working with ECS to bring the music of this awesome band to the ears of many! Whatever Stephen can do to help, I’ll do as well…so I’m posting the video of The Mountain Goats playing a new song off their new album on the Colbert Report.


That’s really almost all I’m capable of saying today.

For some reason I cannot embed the video…so this will have to do:
The Colbert Report Season 5 Episode 128 The Mountain Goats – Psalms 40:2 on SlashControl

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Take Another Step…You’re Almost There!

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Three rehearsals left!!!! THREE! And then what? We open! Nervous? Of course. Excited? Absolutely.

Tech last week went well. We finished up on Friday with running the show with lights & sound. Everything is looking great. A few things to tweak tomorrow night, but we have ourselves a show here!

Postcard are being handed out. New Website is Up! !!! Things are really in motion here.

It’s time to solidify the tattoo. I’m wanting to have it for Opening, but that means getting it done on Friday…which means I may have a bloody tattoo at opening, which isn’t really what I want…
I’m leaning towards the lyrics of the Mountain Goats “As In A Mirror Dimly” from the song Love, Love, Love. It’s a great song, I like the lyrics, and it fits my idea of this show. The idea of seeing a reflection of yourself somewhere in something else, but seeing it dimly, not at all clear.

Anyway, for you, a different Mountain Goats song:

See you this weekend!

It all comes out sounding like a bad nature show

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Day 1. The Freehold Theatre.

We had our very first Tech last night for “Fiction” and I’m loving seeing this show with this set and these lights. The show was good in an ugly rehearsal room with ugly rehearsal set pieces and ugly overhead lights. Now the awesome designers are pulling together everything they’ve been working on and it’s all blending together to make an awesome show!

Of course, one cannot ignore the stress of tech. I think one of the reasons I don’t want to ever act again is because of tech. I love working on tech as a director, or designer, or production manager. But as an actor, you don’t get to really even do anything… Anyway, it sucks and its boring but at least you’re not climbing ladders and touching hot hot lights or dying costumes….right?

Today is Stage Manager Jake Farley’s Birthday! And he has to do tech all night. That’s how awesome he is. After, however, the celebrations will begin! I’m highly looking forward to it.

On a side note…did you get your tickets to the show yet? And opening night?