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Well They’ve Called My Bluff!

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Tech begins TOMORROW NIGHT!!! Last Night was the final production meeting with the designers before Tech. Everything is coming together! Lights are hung, costumes being fitted, props are purchased, set is set. Tonight is the last night of just plain old rehearsal. It’s going to be a good one. The energy is going to be flaring.

As the weather cools down, I get more and more excited about theatre. Sure, I like shows in the summer…but it’s a lot harder to connect with something deeper when all you want to do is go to the beach or drive with the windows down. Now that the winds get chillier and the rain starts falling, there’s no better place to escape than a theatre with a room full of people and a compelling story on stage being shared.

For anyone who is interested in theatre & especially new plays, I encourage you to check out “Roman Candles in Wonderland,” by Jim Moran, a reading of a new play being presented by Theat(er/re) on Sunday Oct 4th at ACT Theatre, 7:30 PM. A lot of good friends of mine and ECS are involved in the reading and it should be a great time and great way to celebrate fresh new writing in Seattle.

Oh yeah, and remember, “Fiction” opens in just a week and a half!! Get your tickets for Opening Night now! There will be a little celebration reception following the show with drinks, snacks, family & friends!



2 weeks to live

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Well…we’re there.  Two weeks away from Opening Night!

The nervousness is setting in.  Tonight, I’ll have all the designers at rehearsal.  Only a few left before we go into tech!  Made some progress with some things last night.  A few of the things that we were really having a lot of trouble with we nailed down into something that we can now move forward with.

Every day, all I listen to is The Mountain Goats, who are providing the soundtrack for this show.  These songs, the way that man sings these songs…

Since I get a tattoo for every play that I direct, I’ve decided that the one from “Fiction” will actually be Mountain Goats lyrics.  I’m torn between “Ready For The Future” and “As In A Mirror Dimly”….

I guess I have to decide soon!  I want it for Opening Night!

Ok. Now to kill a few hours before rehearsal…

hasta luego


Oh Good, The Thing.

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Well we’re almost there.  Just three more rehearsals until we begin Tech for “Fiction.”  Each day I become more and more thrilled with the actors in this cast.  Tuesday was our off book date, and they showed up, and I think they are probably the first cast in the history of casts to actually be, OFF BOOK.  Now we can really dive deep into the muck of this script and do some fine tuning.

The past few days have been a blur of business in getting ready for this show, and I know it will continue on well into the hours before opening.  It’s exhausting and exciting.  Every day I take about an hour and half break from my job, go into the Seattle Center Center House and work on the show, eat lunch, etc.  Yesterday, a disheveled man came up to me and told me a story about how years ago the Monorails crashed into one another.  Nobody was hurt, he said.  But you never know what could happen, he said, and walked away.

Being (living, practically) at Seattle Center always provides interesting people to talk to…but this man didn’t want anything.  Just to forewarn.  To prepare me for the future.  And it didn’t matter whether or not the story he told me had actually happened (it did, by the way)…what mattered was that last line….you never know what could happen.  Because of his story (true/false/whatever) my future has now been changed….

Alright.  now to do some more work on the show.

Til next time,

Nathaniel Porter

Hello Emerald City

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Howdy folks,

Here’s your handy dandy blog that will give you all the up to date news about Emerald City Scene…what we’re doing…who we’re seeing…etc etc etc.  This is your gateway into the behind the scenes world of ECS.