It all comes out sounding like a bad nature show

Day 1. The Freehold Theatre.

We had our very first Tech last night for “Fiction” and I’m loving seeing this show with this set and these lights. The show was good in an ugly rehearsal room with ugly rehearsal set pieces and ugly overhead lights. Now the awesome designers are pulling together everything they’ve been working on and it’s all blending together to make an awesome show!

Of course, one cannot ignore the stress of tech. I think one of the reasons I don’t want to ever act again is because of tech. I love working on tech as a director, or designer, or production manager. But as an actor, you don’t get to really even do anything… Anyway, it sucks and its boring but at least you’re not climbing ladders and touching hot hot lights or dying costumes….right?

Today is Stage Manager Jake Farley’s Birthday! And he has to do tech all night. That’s how awesome he is. After, however, the celebrations will begin! I’m highly looking forward to it.

On a side note…did you get your tickets to the show yet? And opening night?



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