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the rimshots of dots, the brushes of dashes

Posted in Uncategorized on August 22, 2010 by Emerald City Scene

Well, It’s been too long, blog, since we’ve updated. Here are we, gearing up for “Five Gold Rings!”

It’s happened, I’ve already noticed it happening, I’m beginning to think and talk in the language of the play! That always happens, but with Joanna Laurens, its a little bit more noticeable….for example:

Simon, Daniel.
I worked in the telegraph office at your age.
The rimshots of dots,
the brushes of dashes,
the pulsings and beatings
of shared private feelings
passing stopstart.

I’ve mostly managed to keep it to my thoughts, and not actual speech…but here and there the phrases jump out.

So! First week of rehearsal is finished and we’ve worked through the awkwardness of the first few days, and we’re making progress through blocking and character work.

Our cast is incredible. David Carlson, Solomon Davis, Adrienne Littleton, Kelli Mohrbacher, and Jesse Parce!

Just a little update, hopefully now I will get in here more often to give you updates on the rehearsal process!

For now, goodbye,